Stretch ceilings and walls


DPS membrane allows to achieve the shape and colour you desire. You can create limitless 3D shapes and multi-levels forms, to achieve a wonderful effect.

Stretch ceilings and walls

Ceilings large
and small

DPS stretch ceilings and walls are a great solution for any size area, from the tiniest bathroom to the largest airport terminal. Our stretch ceilings and walls fit perfectly in any interior.

Stretch ceilings and walls

and finishes

Choose from a vast range of PVC membranes and fabrics, with over 110 colours in the range, there is something for everyone!

Stretch ceilings and walls


The unique and exclusive DPS W2W system allows the perfect transition between wall and ceiling, It creates the perfect design exactly as you imagined it without any gaps.

Stretch ceilings and walls


DPS walls and ceilings have many advantages, enabling you to hide wiring and wall imperfections, improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the room and is completely waterproof.

Stretch ceilings and walls


In contrast to most other ceiling solutions, stretch ceilings can be installed within a few hours, without needing lengthy and disruptive preparation. The installations are simple and clean.

Stretch ceilings and walls


DPS stretch ceilings are all maintenance free, they are covered by a 10-year warranty, and come complete with all certification. Allowing you to enjoy your new ceiling or wall without fear of maintenance or safety.


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