Stretch ceilings will improve any interior!

Why are stretch ceilings an attractive addition to every interior? Its because they combine elegance and functionality with modern technology. DPS ceilings are will liven any room.

The unlimited customization options available for stretch ceilings allow us to fit your unique needs and expectations. Our ceilings can be found in modern commercial, as well as public spaces and exclusive housing. An Elegant stretch ceiling will fit a stylish hotel as well as a modern club or theatre. There are no limits.

Where can I use DPS ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are an universal solution to you interior design needs. DPS ceilings have been installed, among others, in: offices, shops, museums, churches, theatres, medical facilities, shopping malls, beauty salons, ballrooms, conference rooms, pools, gyms and airports. In individual homes the ceilings can be used in every room – be it bedroom, salon, bathroom or kitchen.

DPS Stretch ceilings  – technological edge.

  • DPS membranes are the combination of decades of experience, modern technology and our rigorous manufacturing process. Those three factors combine to generate many advantages:
  • Personalization – every ceiling we make is unique. You can choose any colour from a selection of over 100. This is in addition to the high quality printing available – all you need to do is find a high quality graphic you like.
  • Flexible shape – a stretch ceiling does not need to be flat.  Our membranes and profiles allow you to create various 3D and multilayer shapes which would be impossible with traditional techniques.
  • Lighting effects – a translucent membrane backlit with LED stripes is a modern lighting solution for entire rooms as well as special designs. A light ceiling is an excellent alternative to traditional lamps.
  • Longevity – Our ceilings are very durable and do not require additional maintenance. You only need to lightly clean the surface every several years, using just a microfibre wiper and a cleaning compound.
  • Lightweight – the membrane weights less than 240g / m2, so it does not stress the existing construction.
  • Waterproof – Stretch ceilings will protect your room from water.
  • Acoustic – A micro-perforated stretch ceiling combined with a sound absorbing material will greatly improve the acoustic properties of any interior.
  • Thermal isolation – A PVC membrane is an effective barrier for heat transfer, limiting thermal energy costs.
  • Ecological – All DPS membranes are 100% recyclable.
  • Quick and clean installation

More about quick and clean installation

A DPS stretch ceiling can be installed in just a couple of hours (time needed to do this depends on the surface on which we want to install our PVC ceiling), without the need to clean the room afterwards. Installation of the ceiling, although it is not complicated, should be outsourced to a professional company. First reason is that specialist equipment is needed. The second reason is that we will reduce the risk of damaging the membrane.

How much does this PVC ceiling cost?

The answer to the question – how much the stretch ceiling costs – is not straightforward. The price depends on many factors. In this first of all – the material and surface on which we would like to install new ceiling. If you want to know the price, contact us. We will prepare an individual offer.

Replace suspended ceilings with DPS stretch ceilings.

You can find suspended ceilings commonly in most households and public places. Today many homeowners choose to switch from this old method in favour of stretch ceilings.  The ability to customize the membrane shape, colour and type to suit your needs is the main reason why people choose to use DPS stretch ceilings over other, outdated ceiling types.

There are almost no limits to the stretch ceiling technology. We create ceilings that create architectural marvels all across the worlds for thousands of clients. Visit the gallery to see examples of wave ceilings is some of the largest European aqua-parks, or star-studded sky ceilings in many prestigious hotels. Our installers will create a 3D ceiling for your night club or shopping mall. You can also find the exclusive DPS mirror panels in fashion designers offices and stores. For business spaces the DPS light line of products is an ideal option to create slick and practical corporate interiors all across the globe.